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Art & Art Education

Following an energizing career as a museum educator, I am now grateful to direct my energy to part-time work as an artist and full-time work as a National Board Certified art teacher at Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, VA, where I was humbled to be chosen the VBCPS 2010 Citywide Teacher of the Year.  

I can only hope I inspire my students as much as they inspire me.

BA: Philosophy

MA: Art History

EdS: Curriculum & Instruction

Food and Freelance Writing

Since 2002, I have been privileged to celebrate food, art, design, architecture, landscaping, art education, artisanal businesses, and people of note as a freelance writer for local, regional, and national publications.  

An award-winning recipe developer,  I have shared my personal vegan food journey at TheBloomingPlatter.com since 2008.  My first vegan  cookbook, which goes by the same name, was published in 2010.  

When not teaching, making art, etc., I am likely walking my dogs or in downward dog on my yoga mat.

Some of the Rest

A widow since July 30, 2015, I now make my home with a pair of puppies I adopted in August of that year and a man with whom I fell in love in 2016.  

When I am not teaching, making art, writing, cooking, or in the company of friends or family--or possibly thrifting and consignment shopping--I can likely be found hiking, biking, walking our dogs, or in downward dog on my yoga mat.  

That or enjoying a glass of Prosecco.

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